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WhatsApp is now offering New Privacy Features

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WhatsApp is now offering New Privacy Features
  • 6 months ago

There are more than two billion users who use WhatsApp around the world. The instant messaging app is the market leader offering users a straightforward way to connect.

From customer service to being an effective and unique marketing tool, WhatsApp has opened up numerous opportunities for small-scale companies. For remote teams, WhatsApp provides a simple, free method of contacting people anytime.

WhatsApp is now offering New Privacy Features.


Companies that utilize WhatsApp for communication with customers and colleagues or to serve as a marketing platform will be happy to know that Meta has added new features to WhatsApp to provide users with more control with additional layers of security.

Quietly leave groups


WhatsApp group chats can prove helpful for small businesses in various niches and industries and niches, as it allows participants to communicate and plan meetings from one central spot. Although group chats don’t have to last forever, participants may need to end specific conversations for some reason or other. For instance, an employee could leave a company and doesn’t want the other team members to be aware of the situation at that point.

Now, members can leave an organization in private. Instead of notifying the entire group of members when one goes, only administrators will be notified. This change in WhatsApp could be constructive for clients or colleagues who want to leave a group discreetly.

Select Who You Will see when you are online.

Knowing which team members are active can boost the productivity of the business and allow for more efficient ways of communicating. There are occasions when business people might want to look over the status of a WhatsApp chat in private and not be bombarded with messages.

Meta has launched a new feature that allows users to choose who can view their status when they are online. In this way, if coworkers or clients don’t wish to be connected while they’re online, the others won’t be able to view their status online.

Screenshot Blocking in “View Once’ messages


Sharing videos, photos, and other media on WhatsApp is a simple and efficient method for small-scale businesses to advertise their products and push promotions and other content to the appropriate individuals.

Facebook’s Once View feature gives users greater security since videos or photos disappear from chats once opened, so chat participants do not have a digital copy of the material.

Meta is now enabling screen-blocking to Once View messages to further protect you.

“We’re trying out this new feature right now and are eager to launch it to users shortly,” writes Meta.

With these additional layers of security and protection, small-scale companies of any sector can take advantage of the many marketing and communication opportunities WhatsApp gives with greater assurance and confidence that their content and messages are protected.

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