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TikTok is the Dark Horse of In The Dining World…And there are other small Business Tech News This Week.

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TikTok is the Dark Horse of In The Dining World...And there are other small Business Tech News This Week.
  • 6 months ago

Five things from technology that occurred this past week and how they impact your business. Did you not notice these?

1. New York restaurant became an internet sensation after a TikTok review.

A TikTok person created an online video on Skirt Steak, -a NYC restaurant serving steak and unlimited fries, which is why the restaurant has gained much attention. The sales have risen exponentially due to the excitement this video has brought. Many places across the country have utilized this platform to benefit as a marketing tool, like The Red Chicks, a restaurant located in Los Angeles that set up the TikTok account and rapidly gained followers. TikTok has been one of the most effective ways to help restaurants increase sales. (Source Bon Appetit)

2—Shopify is thought to cut 10 % of their employees.

The e-commerce organization introduced that they are likely to set down 1,000 workers. The company’s CEO said that it is a result of people resuming in-person buying due to the COVID-19 pandemic arriving at an end. This can probably affect Shopify’s stock because the company bet on the undeniable fact that individuals would likely suffer from the pandemic for longer. (Source: Wall Block Journal)

The reason this is so important for your company:

Let’s start by saying that I’ll be the first to state that the skirt steak has become my absolute favorite type of beef (try making it marinate in Italian dressing over up to 24 hours…yum!). What’s more important is the growing influence in the world of food. It’s not surprising since it’s a visually-driven platform that appeals to a sector where both sights and sounds can make a huge impact. If I were inclined to run a restaurant, I’d also be very into TikTok.

3-The banking Platform Guava is raising millions of dollars for small-scale black business owners.

The platform for networking and banking Guava recently raised $2.4 million. Guava’s mission is to close the wealth gap for Black entrepreneurs compared to the predominantly male-dominated white industry. While entrepreneurs of economically black backgrounds are more affected than white business owners, many more Black women became entrepreneurs over the past year than white males, according to an analysis published by Harvard Business Review. (Source: Tech Crunch).

What is the significance of this for your company: Guava is an excellent source for black-owned businesses seeking financing or a general bank relationship. If you’re one of them, it’s worth a look.

Eco-friendly Products For Back-to-School

4-BMW Group announced the opening of a factory controlled by 5G.


A BMW factory in Germany has been testing the new self-driving forklifts. They are managed to calculate via cloud technology and 5G to control the vehicle. Ford is also trying out five-G technology. AT&T is a frequent partner with both automakers through their 5G network to manage the automobiles. 5G eliminates difficult driving. Instead, the system can be transferred onto the cloud. This practice allows the machines to be constructed and utilized more quickly. (Source: PYMNTS)

The reason this is so important for your company:

Many factories and warehouses have upgraded their Internet connection to 5G to improve speed, performance, and security. Perhaps it’s the right time to upgrade your company as well.

5-Businesses with profiles on Google can set up automatic responses to common questions.

This feature allows companies to create automated responses to specific questions like chatbots on websites. Google has launched this feature to eliminate the requirement for employees to search through and provide individual answers. Adding hyperlinks to these automated responses can also let customers know where to find more details. To enable the feature, visit “my business” in the Google web browser, select customers, then messages, then choose the menu, and then message settings. You can then manage the most frequently asked questions. (Source: Search Engine Journal)

The reason this is so important for your company:

I am in love with this story to the point that I also decided to write about it in my Forbes CRM column. Read it to discover what Google is doing is providing a “free” type of CRM function, especially for small-sized businesses.

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