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The Weekly Top Ten: Tips to create an engaging brand story

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The Weekly Top Ten: Tips to create an engaging brand story
  • 6 months ago

The Weekly Top Ten: Tips to create an engaging brand story If you begin your business from your garage or give back to the community, customers are more likely to feel connected to an organization with a different story. Did you know that our co-founder, James M. Cox was a farmer on his family’s farm before acquiring numerous newspapers and broadcast stations which led to the company Cox Enterprises?

The Cox family owns many automotive businesses, such as Kelly Blue Book, Autotrader,, and Ready Logistics. This is due to the personal interests of our founder and his passion for collecting automobiles. The ability to tell stories and explain your “why” behind your business is a great strategy to gain new customers and establish a loyal company’s image.

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  1. Tell us your story. How did you achieve your desire to become an entrepreneur and turn it happen? Tell us how your company was established and the challenges you faced to get to the position you’re in today. Include the “about” page to your site for your business where you can include the details.
  2. Make sure you share your mission. It’s crucial to establish the vision or mission statement for your business. It will let customers know exactly what you do and the purpose of your business.
  3. Define your background. Many customers like the feeling that they know exactly whom they’re buying from. This is what differentiates your company from big box brands. Provide insight about who you are and how you conduct yourself outside of work.
  4. You should be grateful to your mentors. Did anyone inspire you to become an Entrepreneur? Did a book change your business practices? Tell a story regarding your business mentor or source of inspiration and describe how they assisted you in becoming a small-business owner.
  5. Make sure to recognize team members. You might want to talk about the experiences of employees too. In the end, they are your business’s narrative! You can highlight employees on your company’s social media and showcase their unique interests or professional achievements.
  6. Create blogs. Like I do by sharing articles and tips here, businesses can provide their expertise through the blog on their website. It’s a fantastic method to be noticed by potential customers who might not know you exist if you provide helpful information.
  7. Explore the process of creating products. Get your customers behind the scenes and create videos of your company’s operations that you can publish via social networks. Let them know what goes into making your products and share fun information about the challenges of running a small-sized company.
  8. Display your culture. If your workplace has a distinct culture, make sure you share it! It doesn’t matter if you bring your pet to work with you or hold team-building activities — customers will love these enjoyable glimpses into your workplace.
  9. Create an image for your company. If it aligns with your company’s values, it is possible to develop a mascot that shows customers your brand’s personality. Like Geico, Geico gecko may create a unique character that represents your company’s values and tells your company’s story.
  10. Help the community. One way to demonstrate to consumers your brand’s beliefs is to take action. Participate in volunteer activities that are consistent with your company’s goals. Cox Charities involves Cox employees in volunteering efforts to give back to the communities that we serve. Cox Charities’ Southern Arizona employees do hundreds of hours of community service every year!
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