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The Small Businesses That Most Attract Entrepreneurs Around the World

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The Small Businesses That Most Attract Entrepreneurs Around the World
  • 6 months ago

From clothes from Columbia to the latest trends in Finland, These are the most searched-for search terms for business startups by entrepreneurs from around 150 countries.

Small-scale businesses across the world create the global economy.

There are around 27 million small-scale businesses in the U.S. alone, and they account for 50 percent of our GDP, per the Small Business Administration. These businesses also generate jobs, spur creativity, and offer opportunities for minorities and women to achieve financial independence and success.

In the world, small and medium-sized enterprises account for about 90% of all businesses and more than half of the workforce per the World Bank, and in emerging economies, they account for around 40% of the GDP. These figures do now not even do not forget small and informal businesses.

What kinds of businesses are people looking to establish? In the U.S., many people are looking to develop cleaning-related enterprises as per a study of Google search terms conducted by ZenBusiness, the online platform that offers legal and compliance services to small-scale business startups. This is a great idea since a cleaning business has minimal overhead and steady demand, and it’s possible, to begin with, a small investment.

To determine the kind of companies people are looking to launch in every nation, ZenBusiness used A SEO device to decide the popularity of specific search phrases in all countries. The device searched for the word “start a business,” or it is equivalent in the most popular languages of each country and then identified the keywords that were relevant and had the highest volume of searches. Relevant keywords, for instance, could be “how to start a cleaning business” instead. “A way to start a cleansing business in Australia” for outcomes in Australia.. Cleanliness was the 3rd most-searched-for search term in the world.

The results are uplifting and can vary from country to country based on variables like business climate, infrastructure, economy, and culture. The most popular search for startups in almost three-quarters of the world’s countries was related to clothing or real estate cleaning, with clothing being the most searched for worldwide.

For North and Central America, the most frequent question related to starting a business was the e-commerce and retail space in more than half of the countries.

In Europe, where the top market was the real estate market, enterprises from 16 percent of countries sought to profit from the booming demand for housing.

The range and diversity of business plans worldwide encompass the entire spectrum of industries, from clothing and cosmetics to software and spices. The top 10 categories of companies that people would like to establish the most:


1. Clothing

The clothing-related industries are the most searched for in 22 countries, which includes Peru, which is shown here. Other countries where clothes were the most searched include Canada, Columbia, Argentina, Mexico, Portugal, Australia, and Tanzania.


2. Real Estate

In 19 countries, real estate was among the most searched-for startup. This included Iceland, which is shown here alongside Germany, Croatia, Greece, India, and Ethiopia.


3. Cleaning

Cleaning-related companies dominated search results across 13 countries, which included Japan, the United States, Turkey, the U.K, France, Ireland, and Japan.


4. Recycling

The word “recycling” was the fourth most popular search when combined with “start a business” around the globe, appearing most often in seven countries, including Mali, Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso, the Republic of the Congo, Madagascar, Serbia, and Haiti. In Haiti, the recycling industry earns an average of $3,000 per year through collecting plastics and trading them in The Plastic Bank, an international company that provides money and other benefits for trash, According to reports from the United Nations.


5. Import/Export

This was the most well-known startup search across six countries: Saudi Arabia, Chad, Egypt, and Tunisia.


6. Coffee Shop

The coffee shop search came up most in 5 countries–Kazakhstan, Romania, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Moldova.


7. Food Business

It was the most searched-for startup search across five countries: Israel, Uruguay, Guyana, Cuba, and Costa Rica.


8. Restaurant

“Restaurant” was searched most across five countries, including Bulgaria, Bahamas, and Cambodia. Above, a cook cooks the traditional Bahamian conch salad at Harbor Island, Bahamas.


9. Software

For Taiwan, Palestine, Libya, and Oman, “software” was the most sought-after keyword, as was “start a business.”


10. Transport

Transport is the 10th most popular business startup globally, appearing the most frequently in four countries: Switzerland, Afghanistan, Poland, and Belgium.

Here are some of the top business ideas that will attract entrepreneurs from a variety of nations:

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