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Ten companies that allow you to work from anywhere and are currently hiring

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Ten companies that allow you to work from anywhere and are currently hiring
  • 5 months ago

Flexible work in the future. While more companies are returning to working full-time, remote and hybrid positions remain a popular option for workers across the globe.

Seventy-seven percent of those offered some kind of remote work prefer the option and working three days per week working from home, a new McKinsey survey of 25000 Americans discovered.

However, genuine work-from-anywhere positions aren’t easy to find. FlexJobs discovered that 90% of all remote work requires geographic qualifications, regardless of whether it’s a particular location or country, state, or city.

For job seekers to find the top remote jobs that permit workers to work from any location around the globe, FlexJobs has identified the most reputable companies hiring for work-from-anywhere positions in 2022. This was done by looking through its database and analyzing which companies posted the most job openings for work from anywhere between January and June 2022.

The listed companies offer part-time or full-time remote work that does not restrict the location and doesn’t require any time in the office. These are the 10 top employers that had the most work-from-anywhere job advertisements (see the complete table here):

Ten companies that allow you to work from anywhere and are currently hiring

  1. Protocol Labs
  2. Wikimedia Foundation
  3. StudySmarter
  4. Toptal
  5. Achieve Test Prep
  6. ModSquad
  7. Polygon Technology
  8. Supersite
  9. ConsenSys
  10. Airbnb

“Before the pandemic, digital nomads were often seen as a fringe way of working and limited mostly to freelance jobs,” Sara Sutton, the director of business development at FlexJobs, stated in an announcement. “But as companies adopt more flexible arrangements, including location independence and remote work options, we anticipate people will have more opportunities than ever before to work remotely — and from anywhere in the world.”

Many workers are opting to take their jobs on the go. In an earlier Lonely Planet survey of more than 1,400 people from six countries (including Mexico and the U.S. and Mexico), 54% of the respondents identified themselves as “anywhere workers,” a new breed of digital nomads who divide their time between working remotely and traveling.

FlexJobs has also identified the top industries hiring the highest number of work-from-anywhere positions in the same time frame, including projects, marketing, and customer service. The most sought-after work-from-anywhere works included social media managers, executive assistants, and front-end developers.

A number of the companies featured on FlexJobs’s list are multinational and include StudySmarter, an edtech startup located in Munich, and ConsenSys in New York. Software development company with workers in 42 countries, according to a spokesperson who said the information to CNBC Make It.

As more businesses consider expanding remote work options for staff, FlexJobs career coach Toni Frana says to CNBC Make It that she believes the number of jobs completed from anywhere within the next few months and the job market for these positions to increase as well.

Suppose you’re hoping to secure an online-based job. In that case, Frana says highlighting previous experiences and experience with well-known remote tools such as Zoom, Slack, Trello, and the Google Suite on your resume can make an impression as a candidate.

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