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T-Mobile and Apple offer Business Essentials for US SMBs.

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T-Mobile and Apple offer Business Essentials for US SMBs.
  • 7 months ago

T-Mobile and Apple team up to create the first and only US wireless plan that includes Apple Business Essentials, an iPhone 13, and other features for small and medium-sized businesses.

T-Mobile is doing something different in its fight for more business customers. It offers the only US wireless plan that includes Apple Business Essentials, a new iPhone 13, and other features. The service is geared towards smaller businesses, even though Apple is on the verge of becoming a major player in the market. One enterprise play.

Changes to dial in

With 5.4 million business applications filed by Americans in 2021, the US’s small business sector is growing rapidly. Many Americans follow the Great Resignation trend and “Escape from the Office” – even at Apple.

T-Mobile announced the agreement by stating that Apple and T-Mobile are available to assist small businesses with an all-in-one package that includes 5G connectivity, device management, and 24/7 support.

T-Mobile claimed but did not refer to that almost 90% of companies require their employees to have access to, on average, five mobile apps per day. This requires purchasing, onboarding, update, and managing all these devices. The Apple Business Manager console makes it much easier.

Apple’s words

Apple’s vice-president of Enterprise Product Marketing, Susan Prescott, stated that Apple is committed to supporting small businesses to succeed. Apple Business Essentials is a service that helps small businesses manage all aspects of Apple products, from storage and device management to support and repairs. This allows them to focus on growing and running their business.

Prescott stated that Apple Business Essentials was in beta at the time. “We wanted an easy solution so SMBs could focus on their businesses, not technology. Customers can save time using this service, even if they don’t have dedicated IT staff. They can then invest in their businesses.

Verizon’s statement

Callie Field, President of T-Mobile Business Group, stated, “teaming up with Apple was just one more way to support small businesses as these continue to be the source for countless jobs, innovations, and innovation across America.”  We’re usually searching to enhance our customer service, and Apple allows us to address a new problem for small businesses: IT management.

What’s the plan?

This plan scales. Each employee who adds a line to the plan at $50/month gets an iPhone 13. You must have at least six lines.

T-Mobile explains:

T-Mobile explains:

  • Every employee who adds a line to the plan receives a new iPhone 13.
  • Ultimate+ for iPhone allows customers to receive the new Apple Business Essentials. This bundle combines 24/7 Apple support with device management and iCloud backup and store — all in one flexible subscription.
  • T-Mobile’s network offers unlimited talk, text, and premium smartphone data.
  • Small businesses might be capable of holding their devices connected with the 200GB per month high-speed hotspot data plan.
  • Customers can enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi on selected flights with American, Delta, or Alaska Airlines. More airlines will be launching in the future, including United.
  • This plan allows customers to stay connected in more than 210 countries and locations around the globe with unlimited text and data. It also includes 5GB of high-speed data for free each month.

T-Mobile will also launch an a-la-carte option, allowing customers to add Business Essentials for $2.99 monthly to any T-Mobile Business plan. This option will remain free until the end of 2022.

One customer’s opinion

T-Mobile customer Nick Dominguez Jr. and Apple Business Essentials customer Nick Dominguez Jr. were the chief operations officers at Vertical-One El Paso, TX.

Apple Business Essentials has made our lives easier with iCloud backups and the ability for quick repairs whenever we need them. We can spend more time on business development and less on IT.

An analyst’s opinion

Constellation Research analyst R “Ray” Wang stated that Apple Business Essentials was available to small businesses. “The bottom line, however, is those small businesses can now get the same level of service as large corporations.” This is possible because small businesses can now get the same level of service as large companies.

Andrew Hewitt, the Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, stated that “the combined management, deployment support, support and security services are particularly valuable for SMB customers because these customers often don’t have the staffing necessary to support these services independently like enterprises.”

What about Tap to Pay

You will find implications that rise above well-known, I believe. Tap to Pay is one example. Tap to Pay, Apple’s latest offering, will undoubtedly attract interest from US SMBs.

They will want to be able to make contactless payments with an Apple device. Critics of the scheme point out that the issue with the system is the rough handling that the iPhone can be given to accept payments. AppleCare+, a component of Business Essentials, can help with this.

It provides 24-hour phone support for employees and onsite repairs for iPhones.

What’s next?

Apple’s position in enterprise and business IT has been growing rapidly, as we know. Apple’s iPhone and Mac share is growing even in a weak market. The company’s decision to add a service component to its offer to the sector will only yield positive results.

T-Mobile’s link-up with Apple cannot harm that services push. It will once more help Apple build the bottom line of its services income while continuing to propel its devices in US business tech.

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