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Sometimes Modify is the Most helpful Element in Little Business Success.

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Selecting one thing to focus on and doing it correctly can completely transform a company. Behind the Review number and Yelp’s Little Business Expert, Emily Washcovick is a guest on the latest episode of the podcast.

If a craving hits and you’re in a state of mind, there’s no way over it. You have to indulge in it.

Audrey C., a Yelp reviewer from Seattle, has seen a picture of her friend’s tres leches cake, and that’s the only thing that was needed to take her online to locate one in the area. An old-fashioned Mexican dessert that is traditional Mexican dessert, the “three glasses of milk” cakes are deliciously sweet and moist; however, they are not too sweet.

And if you’re aware of the taste, you’ll know how wonderful they taste and the difficulty they have to locate in a typical bakery.

“Michael, an extremely, really large lover of tres leches meal,” Audrey said. Audrey. “My best friend is down in Florida, and she delivered me a photo of the dessert she was eating. And this only really built me need it. It’s a unique point, tres leches cake. First, I Used to get online and see if I knew everywhere that sells that kind of cake. And I just discovered this position called Tres Lecheria.”

The co-creator and owner, Kevin Moulder, owned Cubes Baking Company before its transformation to Tres Lecheria. A combination of circumstance and quick thinking led him and his business associate to shift to a Tres leches-only bakery after the pandemic.

“From it vividly. We were sitting at the bar next door to the bakery. And he told me, ‘Hello, things aren’t looking so good, Kev. What are we going to do?’ We had a tiny, tiny fridge during the time that had like four tastes of tres leches cake. Seven out of 10 customers were coming in for that. And nine out of ten reviews that we were seeing on Yelp and elsewhere online were about that,” he added.

“So let’s give that a shot. Let’s expand the options of our tres leches cakes, and let’s just become a tres leches-exclusive bakery and see what happens. So that happened in 2020, and it’s been the best decision we could have ever made.”


Although that pivotal decision was a massive win for the bakery and Kevin’s ability to profit from a favorable circumstance that allowed Tres Lecheria to expand beyond the boundaries of their storefront and to include grocery stores across the West Coast, an employee of the bakery got an opportunity to work as the bakery buyer in an upscale grocery store. This resulted in an increase in orders as well as a source of revenue. However, it required time and planning to achieve this and to embrace change as an element of business growth.

“I think a lot of organization owners get stuck and they’re afraid not to make changes. They’re afraid to abandon a certain concept. It’s hard sometimes, especially when it comes to a passion project. It’s hard to give it up and say, you know what? I really wanted this to work 100%. Sure it’s working fine, but we are just spinning our wheels, never getting anywhere. We need to make that change,” Kevin said. Kevin.

When he grew up, Kevin used a graphic designer to design most of his labels and use them to create branding for the bakery. Though he believed that he was done, a suggestion from one of the grocery buyers to use color on the labels to differentiate flavors was initially met with a bit of resistance from Kevin.

“I was resistant because I was like, this is just more money. And when we’re just trying to survive, why should we make this change right now? So that was the conversation I had with my business partner. And he was all for it. He was like, she’s the expert. And I was being resistant to that,” He stated.

“And then I remember the day that the colored labels came in, and I did a mock-up on all of our flavors, and I put them in a line in order of the colors of the rainbow. And I was like, yeah, those pop. This was definitely the right decision.”

The change in the branding was easy. However, it had a significant impact. Sales grew, and the product became more popular and impressed reviewers like Audrey.

“I thought their packaging, their branding was really unique, and it stood out to me because with food being such close interaction with people, you’re touching the products, you’re touching the packaging. I feel like that plays really into it and it adds to your overall experience.”

Make use of these tools taken from the success of Tres Lecheria to grow your small business. These tools include:

  • The place you begin may not be the place you end at. Be willing to change the direction of your business following external and internal motivations.
  • Set small goals on the growth path to be more achievable. When growing your business, set smaller attainable goals to guide you towards larger goals.
  • Be available to new opportunities while they present themselves. Kevin hasn’t opened his bakery in the hopes of becoming a wholesaler for the nation. However, the chance presented itself.
  • Use constructive criticism in the way it’s meant to help improve your business. If it’s through reviews or comments from vendors, Kevin utilized these messages to enhance his business.
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