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Sisu Unveils New Capabilities With AI/ML-powered Automated Analytics

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Sisu Unveils New Capabilities With AI/ML-powered Automated Analytics
  • 5 months ago

Sisu introduces new algorithms and integrations to boost analysts’ efficiency by as much as 80 percent, improve decision-making, and drive improvement.

Overstock experienced 70% to 80% growth in speed-to-insights thanks to Sisu Decision Intelligence Engine. Sisu Decision Intelligence Engine

Sisu Data, the decision intelligence firm, has expanded the capacities of its Sisu Decision Intelligence Engine with new algorithms and integrations. Sisu analyzes the most important causes of change in metrics.

It automates trend and anomaly detection, detects changes before they happen, and then connects to third-party systems to aid organizations in making the right choices and achieving more efficient business results.

Sisu customers report that their ability to gain insight is 70-80 percent faster than traditional analytics tools.

Despite the years of investment into analytics, many companies struggle to utilize their data effectively to improve business performance.

Traditional business intelligence and analytics workflows can be time-consuming and error-prone, which prevents companies from taking advantage of the full benefit of cloud-based data.

It’s more important than ever to modernize their data operations and the decision-making processes. Gartner(r) makes the strategic plan base assumption “By 2023, over three-quarters of the largest enterprises will have analysts working on decision-making intelligence, which includes modeling decisions. Modeling.”

Analyzing and identifying meaningful information from the ever-changing and complex cloud-based data can be a massive machine-learning challenge,” says Peter Bailis, the CEO and Founder of Sisu.

“With Sisu, we’re giving people the power of ML to enable them to quickly cut through the noise, focus on what matters most, and drive real impact with data.”

Utilizing Sisu Decision Intelligence Engine Sisu Decision Intelligence Engine, companies can benefit from artificial intelligence and machine-learning powered insights derived from cloud-scale information in just a few seconds to rapidly and effectively increase the efficiency of their business and improve their resiliency.

“Overstock’s strategy for data is to act as an active participant in making decisions across the entire organization. We decided to enhance our workflows for analytics with Sisu’s Sisu Decision Intelligence Engine to aid us in understanding the “why” behind changes in our performance and data.

Since implementing Sisu the engine, we’ve experienced 70% to 80% improvement in speed-to-insights, and most importantly, more accurate data,” says Fritz Van de Kamp, the Vice for Analytics & Business Intelligence at Overstock.

Today we’re thrilled to announce the most recent product improvements, which empower Sisu users to


  • Automatically detect anomalies and trends in your data, keep track of the performance of your metrics across your entire enterprise, and send alerts via email, Slack, and more.
  • Analyze why metrics change and why by augmenting the analytics workflows by using A.I./ML-powered automated analysis to minimize risk and bias, improve the data pipeline process, and facilitate collaboration and iteration based on the data.
  • Determine the impact that will come from a change in metric so that you can make plans based on statistically valid results. Make better decisions with the help of intelligent smart charts that are automated and ranking results.
  • Take action on the elements that influence business performance using innovative Integrations (such as Google Cloud’s Looker, DBT, and others.) directly connecting to operations systems and extended Sisu API.

“Sisu solves a big, messy problem across the data industry,” writes Ben Horowitz, Cofounder and General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz. ”

As data and decision-making complexity grow exponentially, organizations that use Sisu operationalize that complexity through ML to quickly transform it into relevant answers, smarter actions, and tangible value.”

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