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One Span Wins 2022 SC Award for Best Mobile Security Solution

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OneSpan Wins 2022 SC Award for Best Mobile Security Solution
  • 5 months ago

Secure billions of transactions online each year OneSpan’s Mobile Security Suite is recognized by cyber’s most sought-after and competitive software

OneSpan Inc, the digital agreements security firm, has announced its Mobile Security Suite (MSS) and has been awarded the sought-after “Best Mobile Security Solution” for the 2022 SC Awards, one of the industry’s most trusted and highly coveted awards. Each year, the SC Awards program recognizes services and products that stand out from the competition, exceed the expectations of their customers, and aid in overcoming imminent cybersecurity threats that threaten cyber security.

OneSpan Wins 2022 SC Award for Best Mobile Security Solution

“Continued industry recognition from various programs like the SC Awards reflects OneSpan’s capability to provide the highest quality and trustworthiness for today’s technological businesses.”Now in the 25th year, the 2022 SC Awards saw a record amount of entries, with over 800 entries across 38 categories. This is a 21% increase over 2021. Every year, entries are evaluated by a top-quality panel of experts from diverse industries, which include healthcare, manufacturing, financial services consulting, and education (among other sectors). They are run by the CyberRisk Alliance and its leading brand SC Media. The SC Awards are regarded throughout cybersecurity as the highest quality of cybersecurity.

Mobile fraud attacks continue to grow as mobile devices and apps become well-known for conducting transactions and signing agreements anywhere in the current economy. Based on Verizon’s Mobile Security Index 2022 report that 61% of businesses affected in 2021 suffered from the consequences of a breach using a mobile device, while the same 53% of mobile devices were able to access more sensitive information than they did a year prior.

“Across industries, transactions with high value are moving increasingly to the cloud as part of Web 3.0 and are increasingly using the mobile channel to connect with digital customers. While the security implications are significant and significant, OneSpan’s Mobile Security Suite is uniquely equipped to improve customer experience, decrease complexity and cut costs by securing the entire digital contract process throughout the entire process,” said Matthew Moynahan, the CEO and President of OneSpan. “Continued industry recognition from programs, such as the SC Awards, reflects OneSpan’s ability to deliver the highest assurance and integrity to today’s digital businesses.”

It is designed to improve security, and user experience throughout an organization’s mobile app ecosystem OneSpan’s Mobile Security Suite detects, minimizes, and blocks the spread of current and new attacks. It can be avertible to future threats from mobile devices. It helps to protect the integrity of mobile applications, mobile users, and their data. The OneSpan Mobile Security Suite uses application protection, biometric authentication, transaction signing, and other technology to shield apps from social engineering and malware attacks.

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