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Meta Brings Automation To Small Business Advertising

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Meta Brings Automation To Small Business Advertising
  • 6 months ago

Meta introduces innovative AI automated tools that aid advertisers in getting more of their advertising budgets.

Meta is developing new tools that will aid small-business advertisers in making the most of advancements in technology in AI and robotics.

Small-scale businesses can use Meta’s Advantage and advertising technology when creating an advertisement on Facebook.

Advantage+, Meta’s latest AI and automation solution to advertisers, was only available to full-fledged campaigns. In the future, it can be utilized when running only single ads.

Additionally, Meta is upgrading Advantage+ to include new features for app and shopping campaigns, and much more.

Here’s a list of the latest updates for Meta advertisers.

Meta Advantage+ For Small Business Ads

Meta Advantage+ For Small Business Ads

Small businesses are now able to use Advantage+ Creative as well as Advantage audiences to design ads on Facebook pages.

If you use Advantage and creative ads, ads automatically adjust to the individual who views them. Meta will display to each user the advertisement version they are most likely to respond to.

Advantage audience lets businesses tailor ads to people who are relevant more efficiently. Meta can build targeted audiences based on the business’s Facebook page information to serve ads.

The tools are available today.

Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns

Meta Advantage+ can now aid those running shopping campaigns in understanding the most effective strategies for their campaigns.

Using AI and automation techniques Meta Advantage+ uses AI and automation technologies to generate up to 150 innovative combinations in one go.

The ability to run multiple advertisements simultaneously is designed to assist advertisers in determining which ones are performing. With this information, advertisers can better use the budget they have set.

Meta says in the blog post:

“In the study of 15 A/B tests2, we found Advantage+ shopping campaigns produced a lower cost per sale conversion when compared with advertisers’ Business as Usual (BAU) advertisements. By saving money, companies can put money back into their marketing strategies and increase sales and acquisition of customers more effectively.”

Advantage+ shopping promotions are being distributed to e-commerce and retailers starting on the 15th of August.

In the coming calendar year, U.S. businesses with an online checkout feature will be able to include their Shop as an option for Advantage+ shopping campaigns.

Updates To Meta Advantage+ App Campaigns

Meta is releasing several improvements to the current Advantage+ solution. Advantage and app campaigns will receive the following enhancements:

  • Greater flexibility in the ability to pair assets and improve stability
  • 7-day click attribution
  • Split testing capabilities
  • The more detailed reports are available with the region and ad-level details.

Better Results For Advertisers?

The ability to target ads suffered a significant blow when Apple allowed users to disable trackers on iOS. In the end, Meta’s ad revenue growth was slowing down.

The last quarter’s report from Meta revealed that the company suffered its first-ever decline in ad revenue. The pressure is on Meta to improve its performance in the coming quarter.

The introduction of advanced targeting capabilities for small-scale business advertisers could provide Meta the boost it requires in the short term. The issue is whether this approach can yield long-term benefits for advertisers.

The following report from Meta’s quarterly reporting will surely be informative, revealing how well advertisers understand Advantage+.

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