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July 2022 Google Product Reviews Update Rolling Out – Everything We See So Far

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July 2022 Google Product Reviews Update Rolling Out - Everything We See So Far
  • 6 months ago

The fourth edition of Google Product Reviews Update is in the process of rolling out. The update is dubbed”you guessed it” – the June 2022 Google Product Reviews Update. Like last updates, it will require approximately two to three weeks to fully roll out.

The three previous versions were March 2021 Product Reviews Update, the December 2021 Product Reviews Update and the March 2022 Product Reviews Update. This version of March was revised to include more criteria and signals in this ranking algorithm. However, the July version does not make mention of any new or added ranking criteria or indications.

Google began rolling out the July 2022 reviews update on July 27, 2022, at approximately 1:20 pm ET. Here’s the announcement:

There’s not much to it; Google links to its latest and short updates page. It also states that it “Released the July 2022 product reviews update. The rollout will take 2-3 weeks to complete.” It provides links to the Write high-quality review of products help document.

Google added that it would take approximately three weeks to finish and affect “product reviews across many sites” — “many sites,” Google declared. Like previous review updates, sites that are hit by this update may be affected in a significant way.

To remind you, the update for product reviews will reward top-quality reviews of products over smaller studies of the product. Product review updates aren’t fundamental but can be misinterpreted as core updates.

Not Seeing Much Change Yet

We are not witnessing any significant fluctuations – as of. It’s still early, and we sometimes do not see any changes for 48 to 72 hours, but we usually notice changes within one day. The SEO discussion in the online community is moderate. The tools for tracking are not showing any significant changes in Google rankings. It’s not an update that commenced instantly with a roar.

Based on SEO forum chatter that you can find more details on below and is based on Google tracking tools, there are more details below – it appears that this has started very slowly to date.

Google Product Reviews Update Quick Facts

The most significant things we are aware of today in a concise form:

  • Name: Google July 2022 Product Reviews Update
  • Launched: July 27. 2022, at approximately 1:30 pm ET.
  • Rollout: It should take two to three weeks for the entire rollout.
  • Targets: It examines the review content for products.
  • Penalty: While it is not a punishment, it encourages or rewards “insightful analysis and original research.”
  • Not a core upgrade: Many will say it’s a core update, but it’s not.
  • The English Language will be expanded. The site is currently looking at English content, but it is likely to develop to other languages as it’s the first global launch. I’m surprised that it’s presently just English. However, it is as we’ve documented below.
  • The impact: Google would not tell me how many queries or search results were affected by this change.
  • The update could alter your Google Discover performance, as previously declared.
  • Recover: If this struck your content, you’d need to review your content and decide what you can improve using the advice provided by Google below.
  • The refreshes are: Google will do periodic updates to the algorithm but might not announce those updates until the next time. It could be the first time that Google has made, and it’s the first that Google made public.

Google Product Review Update Advice

Here is the original guidance; however, Google has published this in a new help guideline that includes the updated advice of December. This does not contain the specific updated points above:

  • Provide expert advice on products. When is it appropriate?
  • Let us know what the product looks like or how it’s used. Exclusive content that manufacturers do not offer?
  • Do you have quantitative data on a product’s performance in different categories?
  • Define what makes a product apart from others.
  • Review similar products or describe which may be the best fit for particular scenarios or purposes.
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a specific product from research on it.
  • Explain how the product has changed from earlier versions or releases to offer improvements, solve issues or assist users in purchasing.
  • Find the critical decision-making variables that define the product’s market and evaluate how it performs in these areas. For instance, a car review could determine that fuel, safety, and handling efficiency are the most critical elements in deciding on the best product and evaluating its performance in those areas.
  • What are the most critical decisions in how the product is created and their impact on users, in addition to what the maker claims?
  • Give evidence, such as images or audio hyperlinks of your personal experience using the product to prove your review’s knowledge and integrity.
  • Please include links to several sellers, giving the customer the possibility of buying at the retailer of their choice.

Here’s the latest information that was provided in March’s update.

(1) Are product reviews relevant to the ranking list and compare reviews? Yes. Updates to product reviews apply to all kinds of reviews. The most effective guidelines Google shared are also applicable. But, because of the transient nature of the ranked lists, you might want to prove your knowledge and strengthen authenticity in a less rambling manner. Citing relevant results and incorporating authentic images of tests you’ve conducted using the software are great methods to accomplish this.

(2) Do you have any suggestions for reviews that recommend “best” products? If you suggest an item as the best overall or for a particular objective, you must explain to readers why you believe this product is the most effective. What is it that sets this product apart from the rest of the products available? What makes the product uniquely appropriate for the intended purpose? Include authentic evidence.

(3)If I write reviews that cover more than one product, do I need to write reviews for each product individually? It’s possible to write a top-quality ranking of similar products together with detailed single-product reviews for each suggested product. If you decide to write both, ensure sufficient helpful information within the ranked list to allow it to stand alone.

Google also published this graphic which shows how product review lists could be affected by this too:


Google has also provided these four points on the evaluation criteria Google uses to review products:

Include useful, in-depth information, for instance, the pros and cons of a particular product or product, details about how the product works, or how it differs from earlier versions.

Get feedback from those who have utilized the product and can demonstrate how the product’s physical appearance is or how it’s used.

Add unique details beyond what the manufacturer offers, including images, audio, and hyperlinks to other materials that detail the reviewer’s experience.

Discuss similar products, or discuss the difference between a product from its rivals

I’ve covered every little aspect of this product review update. Just look up this website to find out more.

SEO Community Chatter

We have discussions early on about this update to Twitter, WebmasterWorld, and Black Hat World. It’s still early, and I’m not seeing much activity on the chatter front. Here are some quotes that I’ve wanted to pull out

Additionally, here are two comments from a Googler that don’t say anything new:

I noticed a massive decrease in my traffic. Between 80 and 90 percent of my traffic is gone. Could it be because of the new update? I thought I was punished or something.

What occurred? Over the past 24 hours or less, all seems to be spam. Large waves of spam are being hurled at websites.

This is all there is, at least from what I have found. I’m assuming that those who have reported quality or traffic issues have nothing to do with this change, as I do not see many complaints, at least as I am writing this report.

Tracking Tools On July 2022 Google Product Reviews Update

So far, these tools aren’t showing any signs of fluctuations. I know it has been twenty hours since the announcement, but it might take a while. It’s too early to know how large of an update this will be in light of this information.




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