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Is Your Startup Ready For Professional PR?

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Is Your Startup Ready For Professional PR?
  • 5 months ago

PR isn’t just a valuable tool to publish nice words about your business.

As a serial entrepreneur and three-time business founder who’s worked for numerous PR firms, I know what the right agency can do for a strong company that is well-prepared to take on PR.

Unfortunately, most founders’ opinions about PR are based on misconceptions about what PR is and the difference between advertising and marketing.

A few PR myths


PR isn’t just an efficient tool to publish nice things about your business. Journalists and media don’t exist to act as your voice.

They can put your story and your accomplishments before the appropriate public provided that you have something valuable to say.

Imagine your business as a bar made of solid gold. It’s authentic. It’s based on achievement, leadership, and goal. It tells a compelling tale. It is valuable in the context of where it is most valuable. If your company is in this category, PR can assist in getting you the attention you and your company deserve.

However, if your business is a gold-plated sham, lacking substance, the top PR agencies around won’t be able to get your story noticed.

The media’s job is to search for genuine gold and tell their stories. Journalists’ loyalty doesn’t go to the businesses or people who pitch them but to their readers. They’ll gladly cooperate with you if they can provide something interesting to the audience.

PR can be earned but not bought or purchased.

PR is earned media to get it, and you must have accomplished something worthy of recognition. Contrary to promotion or advertising that you control in large part, it isn’t available for purchase or given to anyone who requests it.

It’s first necessary to concentrate on promotion and advertising, with some branding and marketing added in, while you focus on developing something people are eager to learn more about.

You’re now ready to go public, and you’re ready.


After you’ve completed the hard work and are eager to tell your story to everyone else, you should be aware of a few essential points to keep in mind concerning PR companies:

Choose the right company that specializes in your startup’s industry. If your company is digital and you employ an organization with limited knowledge of the field, You shouldn’t be expecting to be able to get much media coverage.

And it’s not the PR company’s blame. They might decide to take on the issue only to get the coverage they want. The only one to pay the cost, so makes sure you take your time researching.

You’ll need some personal motivation as the founder, CEO, or CEO – a compelling personal tale such as this one- to entice a reporter journalist to be attentive.

If you expect a story to be solely on your business without information about the company could lead to disappointment. Your PR team should be given their contacts something to use.

Keep in mind the definition of PR isn’t. PR isn’t a strategy to advertise your business. It’s a method for you as an individual to grab the minds, hearts, and imaginations of the people you want to reach through building trust and credibility.

Be sure that the general public knows who you’re,  where you’re from, what you’ve accomplished, and what you plan to do to improve the world.

Budget for PR. This is not just because professionals are more adept at this than the average inexperienced founders but also because they have contacts that will assist you in your success.

Furthermore, many top accelerators for startups require at least some publicity and, therefore, if you want to join one of them, prepare to collaborate with the experts when the right time comes.

Advantages weigh-in

I asked two experts I respect for their opinions on the importance of PR for startups. Here are their opinions.

Ayelet Noff, Founder and CEO of SlicedBrand: “Public relations, an individual segment of an organization’s marketing and communication actions, is the only method of obtaining “earned media” for your brand.

The earned press is probably the most challenging form of media to achieve; however, it is also the purest and most efficient.

Have you ever downloaded an application because of an advertisement? If you have a most adored New York Times journalist who you admire greatly, you are writing about your app and how amazing it is more likely to install it. Finding a top-notch journalist for a piece on your product can be a challenge, which is why it’s so effective when it occurs.

Journalists are influencers in unique ways, and a well-established PR firm will have these connections in place. Connections are crucial in almost every field, but more than that in PR.

After years of experience, PR professionals develop the required relations with publications and reporters, leading to a better understanding of their requirements.

When you know what they want and requirements, you’ll be able to communicate effectively with them through your news and updates. In the end, it’s the customer that counts, and public relations can help best meet the needs of the magazines that your ideal client is looking at.

PR knows how to locate the golden kernel, the brand’s USP. They can also create storytelling ideas to communicate the golden kernel to appropriate journalists at the right time and increase the visibility of your business.”

Tom Farren, writer, and Web3 journalist: “PR agents serve as intermediaries between executives of corporations with the publishing industry of editors and journalists.

They strive to translate business-related developments into clear, concise narratives and provide writers with the tools needed to highlight the grey area of a story to allow readers to see the whole image.

Most of my top pieces were born out of existing relationships that resulted from my interactions with PR agencies. I cannot recommend their work with enough praise, especially for startup companies.”

Do your business do your company a favor.

Many promising businesses out there hinder their growth due to a lack of knowledge of PR. If you do your homework and become familiar with the media’s goals and strategies, you can enhance your company’s growth.

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