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I was able to sell $120 million of luxurious properties in Vancouver last year. YouTube and Instagram Reels are my primary marketing strategy and have proven essential in bringing new clients to me.

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I was able to sell $120 million of luxurious properties in Vancouver last year. YouTube and Instagram Reels are my primary marketing strategy and have proven essential in bringing new clients to me.
  • 6 months ago
  • Nick Neacsu is a realtor in Vancouver, British Columbia, who sells luxury homes.
  • The primary method of marketing is through the creation of videos. His videos have attracted customers from all over the globe.
  • According to the writer Amber Gibson, here’s his job.

This essay was inspired by a conversation about Nick Neacsu, a 42-year-old realtor from Vancouver, British Columbia, specializing in luxurious houses. The income of his business has been confirmed by Insider and backed by evidence. The following paragraphs have been edited to improve clarity and length.

I’ve been a real estate agent for Vancouver in the Angell Hasman & Associates firm for 11 years. In the last year, my team, comprised of five agents, sold $120 million of real property.

My career began as a developer and development manager overseeing real estate acquisitions, rezonings, land development, vertical construction, and selling those projects. Therefore, I apply my knowledge to the resale market. This gives me an edge over other agents and allows my clients to be protected to help them make well-informed decisions.

Vancouver is a gorgeous and desirable city with an indefinite amount of space, which is why the prices are high. The government is challenged to implement rules and regulations to lower the cost of the property; however, the demand for real estate will always be higher than the amount of land available. Given the current economic and economic climate, the market for real estate in the short term may ease a little and probably somewhat, but I’m not sure there will be a significant drop in the prices.

Interest rates are currently hot because they continue to rise; however, they’re historically relatively low. They’d need to be in double-digits to make an enormous impact on prices; however, I don’t believe they’ll ever achieve that. There’s a significant amount of money in Vancouver, which has always been prohibitive for most people. Twenty years ago, Vancouver had a reputation for being expensive.

It was contrary to what we had all expected.

We thought we wouldn’t have to work for the next year, and the market would crash or, at the very least, be stagnant. However, by the close of May or June 2020, rates began to drop agitatedly to boost the economy.

The boom in luxury real estate began because people had more time and funds for investing in homes. However, it’s not a price factor. In my view, It’s a type of service within my business.

My clients are wealthy individuals. I offer high-end service in a way that represents my client’s interests. It’s similar to when you check into the Four Seasons hotel. It doesn’t matter if you live in the penthouse or the Broom closet. You’re dealing with the same service at the reception desk.

If someone comes to me seeking to sell a condo worth $500,000, I’ll assign precisely the same videographer, photographer, and team as someone selling an apartment worth $25 million.

My primary source of advertising now.


Many people believe I’m insane for spending that much money on video. However, I’m not willing to put my name in newspapers. I find it to be very old-fashioned marketing. It’s not expensive to buy an article in color in the paper every week or spend $5,000 on a movie for the rest of the time.

The first time I installed Instagram was in the year 2015. And began posting photos on it but was unaware of the concept. I was among the first in Vancouver to post pictures of real estate listings on Instagram and gained many followers. I am currently averaging more than 16,000 followers.

The inspiration originated in both New York and LA. My opinion is that these cities are the best when it comes to marketing real estate. I try to make it less attractive for the Canadian public; however, we began doing these shows on my property listings. I was present to shoot every single one. The people I work with know exactly what they are looking for, and I’d be the one to direct the whole thing but leave the creatives on the other side of the lens to utilize their ideas, too.

It is impossible to predict what content will be the next thing to go viral.

A few of my YouTube videos have received greater than 300.000 views. They’re not very long, but they hit all the vital selling points. I added nice cars and paid attention to the fire pits, pools, and bathrooms to emphasize those features. I use good music and create the video transitions with the beat. The small things can transform a video well to excellent and make it more efficient. The audience you’re targeting is always on your mind. We typically spend eight to nine hours filming and hundreds of additional hours editing.

I was able to sell a $10.5 million house after they watched my YouTube video YouTube. In the year I was able to sell an $11.4 million home in West Vancouver, we almost made the sale happen based on the video. This buyer is a Vancouver resident who travels worldwide and has a private plane and a Bentley. We included both a private jet as well a Bentley within our footage. I have over 7000 viewers through my YouTube channel.

The buyers of these houses aren’t able to go online. However, their kids and their friends are the ones who be the first to inform the parents of these homes. Instagram Reels and TikTok are effective ways to attract a younger crowd. There’s no way to locate the purchaser, but you will encounter someone with influence over that buyer to visit the house.

In 2015, I received an email direct from Instagram from a youngster who had come across my videos. He claimed that his parents were visiting Town from China to purchase real estate. I was skeptical but thought stopping for a cup of coffee would be good. The parents showed up and stated that they were searching for an apartment that could cost up to $6 million to purchase for their son, who was about to graduate from high school. He was a parachute child living in Canada when his parents lived in China. Based on my connections, I found a bargain for his needs, and the house was not finished. It was a gorgeous home in West Vancouver, and they wrote an offer in cash, without condition to purchase, at $6 million.

A large portion of my customers is Chinese permanent residents.

There’s a myth prevalent in Vancouver of the idea that Chinese or Persian foreign buyers are increasing the real estate market. I can think of several buyers I’ve had who were non-residents, unfamiliar, and paying the tax for foreign buyers.

The main obstacle I faced when working with Chinese clients was the language barrier. Therefore, I employed a bilingual assistant to translate all my communications. I found WeChat and my clients as well. I was able to communicate with them through the translator feature.

In Chinese culture of China, it is a sign of respect when someone refers you to a friend, a significant gesture. It’s truly a privilege to be referred to by their peers because it reflects them. They’d like me to care for their friends the way I have taken care of them. Referrals are my most preferred method of gaining new business.

I’ve seen plenty of crazy bidding wars.

As an agent representing sellers, I was given an empty paper bag containing $20,000 in cash to inform the buyer what the top price was to ensure they beat it. I refused clearly. It’s unethical.

It’s an open marketplace, meaning people can pay whatever they wish. The value of a house is what the seller will sell it for, and the amount buyers are willing to purchase it for. Unfortunately, when these kinds of things occur, realtors are given the reputation of inflated value of the real property. However, it’s the buyers who cause it. We’re only brokers for the sale.

People blame the real estate agent for the price when there’s a bidding war story. Cost. This isn’t true. We’re not purchasing anything. We don’t have money to buy anything.

The real estate business in itself comes from solid relations. The sale is the final stage of the entire process. I’m in the trust and relationship business. I provide solutions and have a base.

A strength of mine as a real estate agent is that I’m not afraid to tell clients, “Don’t buy.” I’ve had clients looking to buy a 10 million home, and I informed him I would not write the deal for him. I could tell there was something wrong with the property. They understood that and were open to my suggestions.

You could say I squandered a $150,000 salary by not negotiating the deal. However, you don’t earn your cash from one sale. You deserve it from hundreds of deals.

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