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How to use podcasts for brand promotion

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How to use podcasts for brand promotion
  • 6 months ago

Podcasts are relevant to audio material, even though still images and video are more appealing than any other format. Similar to radio, which was popular in the years before television existed. Podcasts can also be used for digital marketing purposes, besides their entertainment and informational purpose.

What is a podcast?

What is a podcast?

Podcasts are audio files that contain content in an audio format, such as MP3 or Compressed Digital Audio Format. It is available on the Internet and can be heard whenever anyone wants. Podcasts, in other words, are “on demand” content or meet listener demands.

Many radio programs are broadcast live and then uploaded fragments or whole programs to the Internet. These podcasts can also be created. Podcasts can also upload their content to YouTube, along with a specific image, to be accessible to a broader audience than the ones who consume it. Podcasts can be used across multiple platforms.

One example is The New Yorker Radio Hour. It was created by David Remnick, a well-respected weekly magazine editor.

Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts are the most popular platforms for listening to podcasts. Spotify is the most popular platform, with 77% of these platforms.

Podcasts Why use them for advertising?

It is worth mentioning that 42% of surveyed listeners will listen to advertisements without hearing the audio, according to the 2022 Pod survey conducted annually by [email protected] since 2017. EncuestaPod, the only study on podcast consumption by Spanish-speaking listeners, is the only one.

A study by The Guardian also found that podcasts are more popular than radio or television for advertising.

How to use podcasts for business purposes

As with any digital marketing strategy, setting objectives and reflecting on your target audience is essential. (What do they think? What do they want? What are their interests in listening to a podcast?) ).

Podcasting can help companies increase brand awareness (make them known), improve engagement, and position themselves (brand identity). It is an excellent way for the audience to interact. A podcast, in particular, can:

  • Increase followers on one or more social media networks
  • Get the lead on popular topics (think Martha Dayble) and industry-specific areas. Podcasts are available on many issues. Some podcasts have smaller audiences but are extremely valuable due to their expert knowledge.
  • You can generate leads and sales with podcasts. This is an example of inbound marketing.

A podcast without a digital marketing strategy will fail to promote it and remind listeners why they should listen. Podcasts that generate traffic (SEO and SEM) need to be heard.

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