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HAARP; A U.S. Conspiracy Theory Magnet

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In 1993, the U.S. Air Power started to structure a $290 million plan to allow the country’s top atmospheric scientists to research the upper ionosphere layer of Earth’s atmosphere.

It is a research institute managed by the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. It is known as the High-FrequencyActive Research Program, also known as HAARP, located in the winter wilderness in Gakona, Alaska.

Due to a variety of reasons, the activities of HAARP have been attracting the attention of those who are skeptical of the practices of the group.

HAARP has been officially recognized for conducting valuable and practical research. However, because of its incredibly complicated work, the organization’s officials say its goals have been misinterpreted by those who oppose it. Because of this, it’s been the focus of criticism since its beginning.

In the wilds of a largely unpopulated state, which is believed to protect the public, HAARP has the equivalent of 180 radio antennas and 360 transmitters, and five powerful generators that generate geometric patterns across the entire spectrum when they are turned on.


A section of the HAARP antenna field.

Each foot in thickness and stretching 72 feet in the air, the antennas continue to cause eyebrows. Shortly after the facility’s opening, it was reported by the public that they had observed strange events — not just within the region but all over the world.

The HAARP’s activities were challenged by activists who questioned what the group was doing. However, the government has remained silent about any connection to fluctuations in the frequency of weather, earthquakes, or chemicals that erupt in the sky.

It has also made conscious efforts to dispel suspicions regarding the nature of its activities. But these aren’t enough to disarm HAARP’s notable critics, which include the former Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, and former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura.

Ventura asked if the government utilized HAARP to alter the weather or to enslave citizens with mind-controlling radio signals.

Although the Air Force told Ventura that Ventura had submitted an unofficial request for access to the station. However, he and his team were not allowed access.

Weaponizing the Weather

The most resonant and broad-ranging accusation about HAARP is that it deliberately destroys at a global level which causes floods, earthquakes, cyclones, snowstorms, and other global catastrophes.

Some critics of HAARP claim that the organization can send radio waves beneath the Earth to pinpoint fault lines and that the considerable size of HAARP’s field of antennas is liable for massive harm to the environment since, unlike other research institutes around the world, the only one in HAARP can concentrate the energy generated by the field to a particular area of the atmosphere.

One of the numerous earthquakes claimed to have been connected to HAARP was the Iran-Iraq earthquake, which killed more than 500 people in November 2017.

Despite tensions between the two countries and their counterparts in the United States, Iran’s Deputy Inside Minister for Safety and Law Enforcement Mohammed Hossein Zolfaqari dispelled any malice and denied that the reports were based on “any scientific basis.”

Because different departments of the United States government have openly examined the technology used to alter the weather and create Earth changes, it’s difficult to discredit critics as quickly as possible.

In 2005 Air Force officials stated that in 2005, Air Force stated, “Weather modification is a key element of the security of both international and domestic and may be performed unilaterally… The technology can be used for defensive and offensive purposes and could even be used to prevent.

The capability to create rain, fog, and storms on Earth, or alter the space weather…and the generation of artificial weather are all integral to a technology set that could significantly increase the capabilities of U.S. capabilities, or reduce them against an adversary, to increase global recognition, reach, and capability.”

Mind Control

The idea of the mind getting a handle on ‘s been around for generations, or even millennia. The manipulation of moods or emotions and their decisions is a long-standing method to manage the masses.

Technology has been used to accomplish this task effectively in the last few years. The thing that was once considered research fiction is now a fact. HAARP critics argue that the facility is threatening people of the world via telepathic communication by influencing thought processes with very low-frequency vibrations.

In 2013, the former Central Intelligence Agency employee Edward Snowden published classified government files that revealed HAARP’s various surveillance systems across the globe.

It is believed that natural magnetic waves are being replaced by synthetic VLF (very, very low-frequency) ground waves that match the frequency of human brainwaves, which can influence human behavior.

It is believed that HAARP also utilizes cell phone towers as electric stimulation conductors that can reach and affect whole areas.

William McCoy, manager of Geophysical Institution the College of Alaska Fairbanks William McCoy, manager of the Geophysical Institution at the College of Alaska Fairbanks, attempted to disprove assertions, stating, “Electrical signals in our minds are of low frequency. HAARP has a very high frequency.

The waves are miles long. Therefore, there’s no way to control minds.” However, this argument isn’t a good fit for the concerned citizens. They have relied on the findings from Yale’s faculty member of the study of physiology Jose Delgado, Ph.D., the first person to use electromagnetic brain control.

In his peer-reviewed report, “Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society,” He argues that it can control human movement, glandular functions, and specific mental manifestations with electromagnetic stimulation.

Communications and the Columbia Shuttle

Due to HAARP’s futuristic-looking research and the organization’s claim that it is working on technological tools that will be of the future — such as the mentioned radio frequency transmitters, Some critics believe they can disrupt communication networks.

HAARP, according to them, can degrade the entire electronic communications system with its broad-ranging technology.

In connection with this capability is claimed that HAARP was the cause of the Columbia spacecraft that crashed in 2003 and was responsible for destroying the spacecraft’s electronic equipment.

Radio technician Marshall Smith, who was in charge of HAARP during the flight’s death, is adamant in this assertion by claiming the HAARP could have been “operating in missile safety style starting about 90 minutes before Columbia’s re-entry, and then for about 90 minutes afterward.” A formal investigation revealed that the damaged wing was responsible for the malfunction.


Though well-thought-out, theories of HAARP’s mission and activities are primarily unsubstantiated in the evidence of science. However, angry and outspoken online critics abound, with many researchers trying to deflect a stream of claims.

Even though HAARP offered open access to the public and guided tours that helped dispel the fog, doubts persist. As with many of HAARP’s critics, Al Zehelski, an army veteran who visited the center in its first open house in 2016, argued, “Even though it’s open to the public, there are lots of things they don’t reveal about the facility.

It’s not even clear what it does…We’re in the dark about the full truth, and there’s still secret information regarding the facility.”

It’s unclear if the increase in global geological disturbances is simply due to the activities of HAARP or if HAARP has been hiding information from the general public.

In the absence of more evidence that is analyzed, we will not be able to determine whether there’s a reason to be concerned. However, we know that over time numerous explanations from the government have been proved to be a cover-up, including that of the murders of JFK. If good explanations are replaced by “official statements,” people become suspicious of the government and are compelled to discover the truth themselves.

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