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Guidant Financial invests in DOXA talent: A firm revolutionizing how small businesses leverage global workers.

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DOXA Talent assists small businesses
  • 6 months ago

Guidant Financial invested significantly in DOXA Talent to provide small business owners with affordable, highly-skilled talent.

BOISE, Idaho, August 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Guidant Financial has supported small businesses for over 20 years. They offer affordable financing and streamline business services. Their goal is to help small business owners achieve their goals. Guidant Financial made a significant investment in DOXA Talent.

DOXA Talent assists small businesses in finding outstanding talent worldwide, which allows them to grow faster and more profitably. Hiring global talent in a time of low skill and rising wages can help U.S.-based companies save up to 70% on hiring domestic talent.

DOXA Talent

“Large companies have been leveraging global talent over the years and have used this as a competitive advantage,” stated Jeremy Ames (Co-founder and CEO at Guidant Financial). “We are excited about our investment at DOXA Talent. This investment supports our vision of helping small businesses succeed through the use of global talent.

Finding local talent is becoming increasingly complex, especially in these times. Nearly all industries and companies in every state struggle to fill their workforce needs. About 5 million people have been displaced from the labor market since the pandemic.

Today’s workforce faces another problem: how to retain and keep talent. The average U.S. turnover rate was 47.2 percent in 2021. This trend will likely continue with the Great Resignation or the “great talent-reshuffle.” In May 2022, 4.4 million people left their jobs.

Many small businesses are having difficulty finding and keeping talent due to these changes in the workforce. They may be unable to afford them, as the U.S. inflation rate recently reached a record 9.1 percent for the fourth consecutive decade. The cost of living, including salaries and employee benefits, is rising.

The good news is that global talent hiring can solve all these problems.

“The COVID-19 epidemic proved to many businesses that we can still be extremely successful even in remote environments.” The talent shortage has opened up opportunities to leverage global talent. DOXA Talent allows business owners to access top-quality talent to scale quickly and offset complex shifts in their workforce,” stated David Nilssen, CEO of DOXA Talent. “Our motto is to help the communities we serve, both internally and nationally. All boats are lifted when the tide is high.”

DOXA Talent helps you find talent worldwide, allowing you to scale faster and build trust with your customers. Guidant Financial is proud to guide small business owners to success. We can’t wait for more small businesses to succeed with DOXA Talent.

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