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Digital Marketing is Agile

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Digital Marketing is Agile
  • 6 months ago

Marketing teams can thrive in volatile environments

Sometimes, being agile is the only choice.

One obvious example is the pandemic pivot. However, there are many other examples of forced agility that take place every day in organizations.

My case was when our digital marketing team was assigned to rebrand our global website within six weeks. This project required more than 30 people and six countries to complete. It also had to be completed during the holiday season. It was a great time!

We could achieve this feat only by using the Scaled Agile Framework, which runs on the Now Platform.

SAFe, in simple terms, is a set of Agile best practices that allow large organizations to quickly develop and deliver high-quality products and services. It’s a philosophy that is universally accepted and embraced by all. It is a great tool for digital marketing management.

Digital marketing is a team sport.


It is impossible to play basketball or soccer without someone covering both the offensive and defensive positions. Digital marketing is no different. Each team member brings a different skill set and perspective that will help drive the overall win. To build and deliver value, it is crucial that organizations fully understand their capabilities and the ecosystems within them.

This can be a key attitude change for many digital marketing teams. There are too many projects at once, and employees feel scattered. Too many meetings. Too many meetings. Unrealistic goals Priorities that are not compatible.

This results in a reactive mindset driven by limited executive visibility, chaotic stakeholder communications, and a lack of deliverables reaching the finish line within a reasonable timeframe. This results in a decrease in the value delivered to customers and stakeholders.

In other words, working hard does not necessarily mean working strategically.

SAFe is a success

was the perfect solution. It is both reliable and predictable. We can quickly integrate and test digital updates in a production-like setting. We can quickly update feature pages and bring higher-quality products to the market.  adds an extra layer of resilience. The digital marketing team can respond quickly to market changes by creating new campaigns and assets. Instead of taking a large-scale approach, you can break down your initiatives into smaller pieces and set milestones.

Instead of looking for a large-scale approach, you can break initiatives into manageable components and milestones.

Organizational agility is another big advantage of adoption. Because they have greater insight into the deliverable complexity, timelines, and resources, our marketing teams can make better decisions. They understand the requirements of executing a program and its inherent dependencies and risk. The team can have open discussions about priority issues with a smaller backlog. The test and learn cycles are shorter, allowing more focus on areas that can be improved or replicated, decreasing risk and increasing return.

SAFe’s emphasis on stakeholder collaboration increases transparency. Teams benefit from small, frequent wins that encourage trust and listening. The benefits that their efforts brought to the company are not only understood by the teams but also by the team members.

Retrospectives after delivery feed back into the execution loop, helping teams to analyze what went well and what didn’t. Because digital marketing is responsible for its priorities and product or solution teams, it is crucial to have open discussions with the whole team. The result? Positive attitude.

SAFe in action

During our six-week branding refresh, the impact was evident.  was modified, and we could adopt a daily delivery schedule. This resulted in daily 15-minute standups.

Specific performance metrics drove continuous learning and improvement, particularly as we introduced changes to other regions. We could stay on track and address issues as they arise through quick touchpoints, daily updates from our leadership, and daily demos that showed progress.

is a powerful tool that allows marketing teams to translate the goals and priorities of digital marketing into manageable chunks that produce great user experiences.

Digital marketing must deliver a unique, holistic digital experience for customers, prospects, partners, stakeholders, and others. This should support the corporate vision and objectives. It should also drive business growth and encourage customer and prospect engagement.  gives marketing teams a powerful tool to translate the goals and priorities of digital marketing into manageable chunks that produce great user experiences.

Find out more

You can learn more about Agile and the digital market by watching “Now on Now: How Scaled Agile Frameworks Drive Global Digital Marketing” (SES1385). This video is available in the Knowledge 2022 content library.

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