Customer Bancorp, Inc. (NYSE: CUBI) Rated an Average from "Moderate Purchase" by analysts.

Shares of Customer Bancorp, Inc. (NYSE: CUBI – – Get Rating) have been given an average ” Hold ” recommendation by the nine brokerages following the company, reports. Four analysts have given the stock a “Hold” recommendation, and two have given a buy recommendation to the firm. The median price for the 12-month estimate among analysts who have issued ratings for the stock over the past calendar year has been $69.57.

Many analysts in the field of equity have commented regarding the firm. B. Riley has lowered their price target for Customers Bancorp by $90.00 from $90.00 to $85.00 in a report released on Monday, July 11. Stephens reduced their price target for Customers Bancorp from $54.00 to $52.00 and set this stock’s “equal weight” rating. The company was mentioned in a research paper on Tuesday, August 2. DA Davidson reaffirmed a “neutral” rating for Shares of Customers Bancorp on July 27. Jefferies Financial Group cut its price target for Customers Bancorp from $63.00 to $48.00 in a research paper on July 11, 2011. In the end, Maxim Group reaffirmed a “buy” rating and announced an $85.00 price target for the shares of Customers Bancorp in a research paper on April 29.

Customers Bancorp Stock down 4.1 percent

Customers Bancorp (NYSE: CUBI - Get Rating)

NYSE CUBI opened at $37.78 on Friday. The stock is valued at a market value of $1.23 billion, and the P.E. ratio is 3.79 and an alpha of 1.60. The supply of Customers Bancorp has a 52-week minimum of $32.19 and a fifty-two-week high of $76.13. The company has a 50-day average price of $36.35 and a 200-day moving average of $44.97. The business has a quick ratio of 0.88, an actual ratio of 0.88, and an equity-to-debt ratio of 0.67.

Customers Bancorp (NYSE: CUBI – Get Rating) released its quarter-end earnings on July 27, 2007. The bank posted a $1.68 profit per share during the quarter. This was below analysts’ consensus estimates for $1.76 with ($0.08). Customers Bancorp has an equity return of 29.54 percent and an operating margin of 38.56 percent. At the same time in the year prior, the company earned $1.76 profits per share. Collectively the analysts on the sell side predict the company to post Customers Bancorp will record 7.38 earnings per share for the fiscal year currently in progress.

Institutional Investors weigh in on Customers Bancorp.

Several hedge funds have made recent modifications to their positions with CUBI. Point72 Hong Kong Ltd acquired an investment in Customers Bancorp shares Customers Bancorp during the 4th quarter for a total of $34,000. Meeder Asset Management Inc. acquired a new stake within Customers Bancorp during the 1st quarter for $39,000. Lazard Asset Management LLC grew its stake in Customers Bancorp by 70.5% in the fourth quarter. Lazard Asset Management LLC now has 6,87 of the bank’s stock valued at $44,000 after purchasing another 284 shares over the final quarter. KBC Group NV bought a new stake within Customers Bancorp during the 2nd quarter, worth $89,000. In the last, Point72 Asset Management L.P. purchased a new position with Customers Bancorp during the 4th quarter, worth $92,000. 83.48 hedge funds hold percent (of the shares).

Clients Bancorp Company Profile

Clients Bancorp Company Profile

(Get Rating)

Customers Bancorp, Inc operates as the holding company for banks that manages Customers Bank, providing financial products and services to individuals, customers, and small and middle-sized enterprises. The company offers deposit products such as checking and savings accounts, MMDA, and other deposit accounts. It also provides loan products, including warehouse loans for commercial mortgages, commercial and multi-family real estate loans, Business banking, small business loans, equipment financing residential mortgage loans, and installment loans.

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