Chief Digital Officer the highest pay-per-click profile within the Ecommerce & Digital sector in Spain in 2022.

Spring Professional, the Adecco Group’s mid-level management and executive selection service, offers its Fifth Spring Professional Guide to the 2022 job market of Ecommerce & Digital, which examines the top ten in-demand jobs in the industry in Spain in terms of salary professional, functional and operational perspective. The distribution of the geographical area.

The current situation and forecasts for 2022

The pandemic has led to the growth of online shopping and the necessity to alter businesses and their processes. According to CIS, 23% of Spanish have made more online purchases since the epidemic, and 1% have used this method for the first time.

To carry out this digitization process, it is crucial to identify specific profiles. As a result, the latest technologies have emerged as an essential tool for carrying out work more efficiently and effectively. Therefore, professionals familiar with these tools have a higher percentage of employment.

Despite the massive demand for technology professionals, there are not enough profiles created on a technical level to fill this job. Therefore salary levels have increased because they aren’t as plentiful profiles. Furthermore, the pool of foreign candidates has increased because of the absence of profiles created on a national scale.

The categories of e-commerce that have seen a significant increase in sales on the internet are entertainment and fashion as well as, more recently, food items, specifically fresh food items. Internet sales of goods that customers would initially expect to be able to view and feel before purchasing are also increasing. This is evident across all generations and is primarily due to accessibility, convenience, quality, and most importantly, the ease of returning unneeded products for no cost.

Salary and profile information for the eCommerce & Digital sector

Salaries in the industry can depend on the degree of experience and the area in which you are employed.

A Chief Digital Officer will be the top pay-per-view in Spain by 2022 in the Ecommerce & Digital sector. They could earn 75,000 euros a year if they have over ten years of experience with an organization that is situated within Spain’s Community of Madrid or in Catalonia, followed by Growth Managers and Digital Analysts, who could earn an annual salary of 60,000 euros with more than ten years of work experience.

With salaries that could reach 55,000 euros annually, we can find jobs like SEO Manager and Digital Marketing Manager. Next up is Ecommerce Management, which is also in the highest demand- and can earn an annual salary of 50,000 euros in Catalonia and Madrid with over ten years of expertise.

Paying upwards of 45,000 euros annually, we can find the Profiles of the Performance Marketing Manager, Marketing Automation Specialist, Marketing Manager, and KAM Marketplaces. Then, there is a potential of 40000 euros for the Content Manager.

The unique profiles of the Ecommerce & Digital sector are reviewed in the following manner:

Digital chief officer

He is the most well-paid specialist in the Ecommerce & Digital sector. The annual pay can exceed 75,000 euros when working with Catalonia, the Community of Madrid, or Catalonia.

Controls the way that traditional marketing processes transform into digital strategies. It’s an agent with multiple functions that can adapt to the changing digital landscape, which is becoming one of the principal characteristics of the IT tools of companies since it plays an essential part in the digital transformation process.

His primary duties include:

  • We are implementing an overall digital strategy for the business.
  • We are increasing the organization’s online visibility by utilizing social media platforms and platforms like Google to integrate business and technology processes.
  • I am keeping track of the ROI outcomes of different digital projects.

He also identifies the effects on digital projects.

Growth manager

Earn a salary of up to 60,000 euros when you’ve worked in certain regions like Madrid and Catalonia.

The person in charge is accountable for the retention and acquisition of mobile and web users. The significance lies in the need to stop emerging competitors from taking a portion of the market share. It functions as a link between the fields of product and marketing. It is responsible for increasing business growth and improving user experience by producing material for Social Networks and marketing campaigns. It is also responsible for evaluating the concepts and products, analyzing the behavior of online users and improving the product if required, and optimizing promotions.

Digital analyst

You can earn a maximum of 60,000 euros a year when you work for more than ten years at an organization located in Catalonia or Catalonia or the Community of Madrid, where the highest compensation for professionals is listed.

It is responsible for unifying and analyzing data gathered on the various platforms used by the different departments within the Company and applying them to marketing strategies. Its responsibilities include creating a report based on data analysis and recommendations for the best methods to implement according to the Company’s goals. It is responsible for monitoring the Company’s digital footprint across all its platforms, evaluates the KPIs of all actions and campaigns, leads the development of techniques for data analysis, and keeps in close contact with its various internal and external departmental offices.

Digital marketing manager

He earns a salary that is 55,000 euros if the duration of his service exceeds ten years and in autonomies like the Community of Madrid or Catalonia.

Responsible for defining and implementing the digital marketing strategy in an organization with the primary purpose of attracting new customers or customers by employing all the methods, channels, technologies, and techniques available.

It is devoted to creating content and coordinating formats, including images, videos, articles, and, at an advanced level, guides, ebooks, and webinars. The aim is to incorporate this content to promote marketing strategies, including positioning (SEO) of website branding, promotion, and event assistance. It also handles inbound marketing to draw customers and monitor sales. It also deals with Branding to improve its visibility as a brand’s image in offline and online media and to improve its brand image to users. Maintain the Company’s profile through Social Networks and analyze the strategies and actions of the opposition.

Seo manager

The pay of an SEO Manager could reach 55,000 euros a year in Catalonia, the Community of Madrid, and Catalonia with more than ten years of knowledge.

Increase organic traffic and the revenue of a website page. Its roles have changed and evolved to meet the latest algorithm for search engines. Additionally, it can evaluate the user experience when making decisions related to digital strategies.

Its primary goal is to create interest among the users as editors create content while the SEO Managers tweak the content to make it more appealing to Google.

E-commerce manager

The most sought-after job in the industry. The salary you earn when you have over ten years’ experience in regions like Madrid and Catalonia is 50000 euros.

Ultimately, he is responsible for the outcome of online transactions, directly and through marketplaces. The role of the CEO is to direct the strategy and investment as well as the team that manages the departments linked to online sales.

Send out an email or remarketing campaigns. Manages and controls the CMS (Content Management System), is responsible for SEO positioning, creating content and Social Networks, tracks metrics, and oversees the conversion funnel. Manage sales campaigns using SEM and set objectives using KPIs and appropriate reporting.

Performance marketing manager

In certain areas, the profile can reach 45,000 euros annually as compensation if the employee has been in the job for longer than ten years.

It is responsible for managing Digital accounts, diversifying the reserves, and running payment campaigns on channels like Social Networks. He is accountable for the strategy, strategy execution, performance, and ROI of different advertising channels. The goal is to increase the interaction of users through tangible results that go in addition to being acknowledged.

Create, edit, and disseminate material for blogs and websites, manage and optimize budgets for campaigns and Branded Content. Negotiate with service providers, create customized Social Media proposals, and take charge of monitoring and optimizing to ensure alignment of KPIs and ROI. Then, they make proposals to clients.

Marketing automation specialist

The amount of money when they’ve been working for more than a decade can be as high as 45,000 euros in firms situated within Spain’s Community of Madrid or Catalonia.

Its main functions are to automate and analyze the sales and marketing procedures, examine the leads’ list to enhance sales processes, create automated responses to new information, and then organize the data according to patterns of behavior to provide each customer with customized content. The aim is to accelerate capturing leads and turning information into actual customers.


Key Account Managers Marketplaces could earn an income of up to 45,000 euros a year and ten years of experience in specific regions.

It is responsible for margins and business development regarding positioning and selling products in various markets. Examine the market and market to draw new categories and sellers to increase the number of products and suppliers. Manage and monitor sales, create daily reports and wishlists for each type, study KPIs and resolve logistics issues.

Content manager

The position could earn you the potential to make 40000 euros per year if you have over ten years of work experience in Catalonia or the Community of Madrid.

The person was responsible for the strategy behind the content of the brand. The content manager for blogs, websites, and eCommerce sometimes edits, creates, publishes, or updates and removes outdated content.

It analyzes the creation of content. It creates and implements the content strategy; identifies the objectives the business aims to attain; determines the ideal customer and the topics, the keywords, and the style and formats. It also designs an annual content strategy and coordinates the writers’ team, and graphic artists improve SEO content or oversee the quality of graphical elements.

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