Business Money Association of Bankers has its 25th AGM for 2022/2023

The Business Money Association of Bankers (TFAB) lately presented their 25th Annual Basic Construction in the Range Space, Grand Persian Lodge, Colombo. That year’s function is substantial because the TFAB is celebrating its Magic Jubilee.

Business Money Association of Bankers’ The corporation, launched in 1997, is a professional business that provides bankers together to offer advice on deal fund methods to their customers. It is also employed in the continuous professional growth of their people by organizing talks, seminars, discussions, workshops, deal training trips, and newsletters. And addresses a wide variety of matters related to International Trade. These programs are run with the expertise of senior bankers who have been trained in the topic at our global and local banks and different top source experts attracted by several trade-related stakeholders. The most prestigious function at TFAB involves their Interbank Business Money Quiz and the fellowship, which supports improving business expertise and cultural connection between their members.

TFAB provides a place for Business Experts from all banks to help change opinions on the deal, to market uniformity within Business Money techniques, and construct the necessary expertise in the subject of trade. The account consists of individuals from all industrial banks that work within Sri Lanka, and the office bearers reflect the diversity and selection of the members. The Association is reinforced by a highly skilled Advisory Committee comprising of four bankers that are senior and former TFAB presidents A.

Kathiravelupillai (Inaugural Presidency of TFAB and former DGM International at the Bank of Ceylon), Jordan Peiris (Former Manager of Business of Union Bank of Colombo PLC), Nilam Jumat (Former AGM – International of Hatton National Bank PLC) along with Thushy Brian (Former Manager, Head of International Subsidiary Protection Manager, the Head of Business and Money Management Revenue of Deutsche Bank).

Lawrian Somanader, Primary Manager Manager of Exports at Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC, was unanimously chosen as The President of the Association for the next year in a row. The President is Certified Business Money Qualified (CTPF) from the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Paris with over 30 decades of banking experience, which include 28 decades of International Business affiliated companies Imports and Exports at Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC. Before his appointment last year, Mr. Somanader was in several jobs of responsibility in the Business Money Association, including Elderly Vice President and Treasurer for the Association.

The recently chosen President, in his speech, stressed the importance of the TFAB in the banking field because of its inception on the 27th of September 1997. The team is expected to continue to work towards building their people by increasing the expertise and increasing the expertise of deal experts that are mixed up in the Imports and Exports business. Notwithstanding the current economic downturn and the volatile modify charge of change, International Business will keep on to get value as banks and companies see this field as a critical factor in the entire performance of the business. The leader further stated that the info provided by the TFAB through deal seminars and workshops, quiz games, training periods, and knowledge boards for the people were laudable. In conclusion, he recognized the days gone by presidents for their leadership and acknowledged the members’ election to elect him to operate the Association. He pledged his devotion to the improvement of TFAB.

Business Money Association of Bankers has its 25th AGM for 2022/2023

These people have been choosing office bearers for the Business Money Association of Bankers in 2022/2023 at The Annual Basic Meeting.

  • President of the business Lawrian Somanader, Primary Manager, Exports, Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC
  • Elderly Vice President Rochelle Fernando Assistant Basic Manager Business Solutions – Bank of Ceylon
  • Vice President – Shyam De Silva – Elderly Manager Procedures, Centralized Business Handling – Hatton National Bank PLC
  • Secretary BasicR. Naguleswaran Assistant Vice President of Correspondent Banking along with Remittances (DFCC Bank PLC) DFCC Bank PLC
  • Treasurer Secretary Kasun Muthukuda – Manager Solutions for Business Solutions Manager, Business Solutions Countries Confidence Bank PLC
  • Assistant Secretary Indika Liyanage, the Elderly Manager of Business Solutions Pan Asia Banking Organization PLC
  • Assistant Treasurer Kanchana De Silva, Elderly Manager – Business Procedures Union Bank of Colombo PLC,
  • Council Members: Gaya Manamperi (Formerly at Sampath Bank PLC), Manjula Gunawardana (NDB Bank PLC), Susantha Weerasinghe (People’s Bank), Tharinda Amarasinghe (Sampath Bank PLC), Niranjan Dabare (Deutsche Bank AG), K. K Susantha (Bank of Ceylon), Halin Hettigoda (Sampath Bank PLC), Shaariz Zabith (The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Organization Limited), Dilan Wijegoonawardhana (Seylan Bank PLC), Shehani Philip (Standard Chartered Bank), Eranda Weerakoon (Doha Bank), Harsha Silva (Citi Bank N.A. ), Mahesha Hassan (Public Bank)
  • Quick Previous President: S. M. W. Kumarasiri (Assistant Basic Manager, Business Money, People’s Bank)

From left to (seated): Manjula Gunawardana (NDB Bank PLC), Assistant Treasurer Kanchana De Silva (Union Bank of Colombo PLC), Assistant Secretary Indika Liyanage (Pan Asia Banking Corporation), Vice President of the Bank – Shyam De Silva (Hatton National Bank PLC) President of the Bank – Lawrian Somanader (Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC), Elderly Vice President – Rochelle Fernando (Bank of Ceylon) Secretary Basic of the Bank of Ceylon – K.R. Naguleswaran (DFCC Bank PLC), Gaya Manamperi (Formerly at Sampath Bank PLC), Treasurer – Kasun Muthukuda (Nations Confidence Bank PLC), Quick Previous President – A. S. M. W. Kumarasiri (People’s Bank)

From left in order left to left (standing): Shehani Philip (Standard Chartered Bank), K. K Susantha (Bank of Ceylon), Tharinda Amarasinghe (Sampath Bank PLC), Halin Hettigoda (Sampath Bank PLC), Dilan Wijegoonawardhana (Seylan Bank PLC), Shaariz Zabith (The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Organization Limited), Eranda Weerakoon (Doha Bank), Niranjan Dabare (Deutsche Bank AG), Harsha Silva (Citi Bank N.A. ), Susantha Weerasinghe (People’s Bank), Mahesha Hassan (Public Bank)

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