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Business and social networking with neighbours in Roseburg’s downtown Roseburg

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Business and social networking with neighbours in Roseburg's downtown Roseburg
  • 6 months ago

Business and social networking with neighbors in Roseburg’s downtown Roseburg It is a great time to visit the People’s Goods is celebrating its first anniversary in conjunction with a grand opening for Sugar Magnolia, which is situated right next to it and within the same building.

Sugar Magnolia is a newly renovated furniture store selling small, personal items. Beccah Brooks and Jill Fay manage it. They officially opened their doors to operations in February and started renting on the 21st of April.

“New century modern is my favorite, so that is what the boutique focuses on,” Brooks said. Brooks. “But I’ve been adding things I like in the home decor. I love bringing things back to life with the help of refurbishing or completely redesigning them to create new styles.”

Brooks Fay and Brooks Fay have also launched a rental business together, which is also based out of the same shopfront.


“It’s all feel-good and nostalgia,” said Fay. “Almost every weekend we’re renting the wicker chairs or sliding doors to the barn for events like weddings and celebrations of people. Boho fashion is very popular in baby showers at the moment.”

The shop is located in the same building. The People’s Goods stands as a locally-owned artisan shop created to showcase local producers, farmers, artists, and farms to inspire shoppers to shop locally and help local businesses and artists.

“There isn’t enough opportunity for local artists to promote their work,” said Karin Hardin, part of the group that owns The People’s Goods. “We have more than 80 vendors that include me as well as the two other owners. We don’t take a paycheck, this is all about the artists and reviving downtown.”

The group that owns The People’s Goods consists of Hardin, Janice Quist, Gary Quist, and Cory Powell.

“My husband and I owned this building from 1993 until 2014 and bought the building with the original business, this used to be Roseburg Book and Stationery which was started back in 1910,” stated Janice Quist, partial owner of The People’s Choice. “We are just so glad to be part of rebuilding this area and the plan is to put the third business in here and have our own little downtown mini-mall.”

Stuart Cowie, the community development director for the City of Roseburg, is excited about the downtown area of Roseburg, “The City of Roseburg is delighted about the new businesses that have opened in Downtown Roseburg. These businesses will help bring more people into the city while promoting this vibrant and unique area which is the heart and heart of Roseburg.”

At present, vendors are invited each month to showcase new items. They must ensure they are satisfied with their display and adjust prices at their discretion because the items are sold as consignment.

“We have so much talent in this community is it really amazing,” said Hardin. “It’s all about local: Supporting local, buying local, local artisans and we love to focus on unique or one-of-a-kind items.”

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