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6 Tips for Online Business Networking and the Best Strategies

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6 Online Business Networking Tips & Best Practices
  • 7 months ago

As a business owner, you may feel that there’s always something you could be doing to grow your company.

One of the most effective methods to discover new avenues is through networking for business. Of course, the time required to find networking opportunities within your local area and then go to these events is another time-consuming obstacle you must overcome towards “doing even more.”

Internet-based business networking lets users access many new opportunities in a short amount of time.

“The Internet has had an impact on how we organize, we network,” says Kent Lewis, the President and Founder of Anvil Media. Today, you can connect with others with the same interests, objectives, and knowledge by pressing one button.

To get started with the world of online networking for business, we reached out to six entrepreneurs for their best advice. The following is what they told us:

Maintaining your equipment is essential.

Sure, connecting online is easier and faster, but it’s not the intimacy of connecting with people in person. “I am a part of 7,700 LinkedIn contacts,” says Lewis, “but I only have a handful of them at an intimate scale. Maintaining these relationships is an essential issue.

” A Director from the Alternative Board, UK’s operations, Jo Clarkson, recommends overcoming this issue by maintaining contact. “Making new contacts is helpful, but it’s ineffective when you’re not optimizing the existing ones,” says Clarkson. ”

If you only call your network when you’re looking for something, then your calls will be more and less welcome.”Clarkson believes that staying in touch is the best method to keep your community close. “Consistency is essential – send an excellent article on your contact list or send an email to say hi now and then. So that when you require your contacts, they’ll know your name and be willing to assist.”

Enhance Your Online Web Presence

6 Tips for Online Business Networking and the Best Strategies

In-person networking in person, it’s important to show professionalism and friendliness and have the skills you’ve worked on since elementary school.

When you’re networking online, you’ll need a bit more technological savvy.” When social networking online, individuals are checking your profile and, if it doesn’t show an expert profile, It’s easy to let your profile over,” says Bill Corbett, Jr., President of Corbett Public Relations, Inc. ”

If you don’t include specific keywords on the profile of your competitor is ranked higher than you in the search results, you could miss out on potential opportunities.”

Brock Shinen, Esquire. is a lawyer from The Law Office of Brock. “By increasing my LinkedIn profile and sharing regularly to my content, I was able to build a regular flow of new connections that were looked at for opportunities.”

Do your research and find out how to optimize your profile on each social network. What is effective for Twitter might not work depending on Facebook or LinkedIn. So, make sure to know the specifics of each one.

Get to Know Your Network

“Networking online is much easier since you can get everything about anybody,” says Scott Eisenberg, the CEO and the founder of With all this information, “It is even more vital to know the person’s interests, achievements, and personal lives because it is the place where real connections are made.”

Unlike conventional business networks, Eisenberg adds, “Many people skip over the social and personal aspects online, and instead focus on the business aspect instead.”

Get familiar with the people that you’re aiming at. Develop a genuine relationship before exploring what they can do to help you succeed.

Make use of Slack

Slack is a cloud-based collaboration tool. “Recently, I was amazed by how effective Slack’s communities can be with building strong relationships,” says Vincent Vitale, the co-founder of Fount. As per Vitale, Slack makes it easy to connect with people who share an interest in entrepreneurship, for example. ”

I posted my app on Slack’s TechLondon Slack Community, resulting in a discussion with a startup’s owner. We discovered that we had an interest in connecting and entrepreneurs. We are now working together across the globe.”

Make use of Twitter

Shelly Watts, Founder of Thoughtful Missions, establishes relationships with clients through Twitter. She also works with the board member she connected with via Twitter. “It’s an excellent, innovative method to connect with individuals,” says Watts. ”

Using Twitter is better than an email or cold call since it’s not as intimidate. It’s not seen as intrusive since people can look through your Twitter account to discover your profile and see how your interests are related to theirs before deciding to take action.”

Demonstrate the value

“My best advice for business networking online is to be able to offer value before you make any request,” Vitale adds. “Individuals are bound to answer you if you can assist them. Particularly, if you can assist people with something they need assistance with.”Never set out with the intention of generating sales,” adds. ”

This purpose can be discerned far away and comes to be seen as a ploy. Instead, focus on the intention of building relationships and exploring possibilities. This will help open up more possibilities for your business in the long run, as the primary goal is to build relationships and not exploitation or sales.”

Naturally, building an effective business network takes consistent face-to-face and online networking. Utilize these guidelines to start your journey to online business networking and share your experience.

If you’re looking to expand the opportunities to network with your business, make contact with the nearby TAB board. Membership in the TAB community places you directly and in constant contact with hundreds of business owners across the globe.

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